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My name is Kennedy Dudley, I am a journalist with a focus on writing features and photojournalism. I also have experience with video, audio and print. I want to use what I have learned at university and my experiences as an intern to find an entry-level position where I can lend my talents to a reputable publication as a photojournalist. 

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How Bearcats Food Recovery Network confronts food waste at UC

Whether it’s extreme weather, melting glaciers or rising sea levels, it’s hard to ignore the threat of climate change. Food waste contributes greatly to the climate crisis, and the Bearcats Food Recovery Network (BFRN) is doing what they can to curb it on the University of Cincinnati (UC) campus.

BFRN is a chapter of the National Food Recovery Network. The organization is aiming to reduce food waste and hunger at UC.

Every year, 80 million tons of food is wasted in the United States, with 22 m

Inside the Heart of Cincinnati’s Boutique Fitness Studio Market

This story is featured in CityBeat's Jan. 10 print edition.

What comes to mind when you think about boutique fitness? While some people may not know what that phrase means, others have used it to build community and lifelong habits.

Boutique fitness studios are small gyms that typically specialize in one or two fitness areas for instructor-led group and one-on-one exercises. Though boutique fitness studios have been around for decades, the market is booming now more than ever.

According t

Photos: Cincinnati Fans Dance the Night Away During DVSN Show at Bogart's

Canadian R&B duo DVSN stopped by Bogart's in Cincinnati as part of their "Working On My Karma Tour" on Nov. 25, 2023. Nineteen85 and E the Profit opened for the popular R&B act.

Keep scrolling for all of the special moments we captured during DVSN's show Thanksgiving weekend.

Photos by Kennedy Dudley

Fans dancing during DVSN's show at Bogart's on Nov. 25, 2023 Fans dancing during DVSN's show at Bogart's on Nov. 25, 2023 Fans dancing during DVSN's show at Bogart's on Nov. 25, 2023 E t